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Video for Android Wear & YouTube

Video player for Android Wear smartwatches, powered by YouTube. View YouTube vidoes on your Android Wear smartwatch. Features: - View videos directly on the watch - Full Bluetooth headphones and speaker support - Cast any video to your Chromecast and use your watch as a remote - Search videos with search predictions - Search related videos - View video descriptions - Pause, resume, seek, change volume

22 Aug 2015

Wear Inactivity Coach

Wear Inactivity Coach is a simple and fun notification tool that helps you take breaks during work. – Sitting For Hours? Let your personal Coach remind you to take a break – Calling It A Day? Put your Coach to sleep at any time – Hire A Coach! Change your Coach to match your activities – Unlock more Coaches with different personalities (Some features require In-App Purchases) COMPATIBLE ANDROID WEAR

22 Aug 2015

Tennis & Padel Scoreboard

Tennis Scoreboard is designed for Android Wear Devices to keep track of score while you’re playing tennis or padel. This is the perfect app for anyone to don´t forget the score. It is a great tool for players, coaches, friends, and anyone who wants to follow the score of a tennis or padel match. This app has “always-on” on ambient mode to make it more useful while your are playing or watching a match and conserve battery.

22 Aug 2015

Terminator Genisys Watch Face

Glitch-up your smartwatch with awesome graphics and animations based on the latest movie in the Terminator series. See the iconic Terminator skull crumble to dust as the day progresses. As day becomes night, the Terminator fades into the shadows while its iconic red eye remains shining. Digits glitch out of focus when they update and a message of the future is hidden in an easter egg — see if you can discover it.

22 Aug 2015

Metal Elegant Watch Face

Elegant Watch Face Watch Face for Android Wear 5. Features: - Background textures - Animation for all watch hands - Missed calls - Unread messages - Watch and phone battery indicator - Transparent peek card - OK Google position - Peek card size Luxury look for every day. Real look and feel.

22 Aug 2015

Rubik’s Cube for Android Wear

Rubik’s Cube for Android Wear was originally designed for use with an Android Wear device, however it can also be used on any Android phone or tablet! :) Drag the center to rotate the cube. Drag the side to turn the layers of the cube. Pinch the background to change the zoom on the cube. If you have an Android Wear device, see how fast you can solve a cube on your watch!

22 Aug 2015


GALAXIA - where Space Invaders meet Galaxian! This is the FIRST Android Wear game to support the innovative wrist control! This is the sequel of the popular Android Wear game Invaders. After successfully defeated the aliens on the moon, you are now going to face the alien fleets in space! If you are the fan of Space Invaders and Galaxian, you will love GALAXIA! GAME REVIEWS - “Leaves other wear games in the dust!” - “Soon it will be one of the must have apps for android wear!

22 Aug 2015

Ball Escape

Ball Escape is a simple game with simple controls and simple rules. All you need is to save the ball from escaping the screen. Keep it trapped inside the playground to score as high as possible. . Just tap on the either side of the screen to trap the ball inside the screen. It seems simple in but gets increasingly frantic! Plan ahead, learn from your mistakes and get that high score!

22 Aug 2015

Weather Wear Watch Face

Finally a Weather Watch face for your Android Wear device. Fully compatible with your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear live.To get the most out of it please read till the endBy installing this you’ll get the watchface on your wrist and a companion app on your mobile device which will let you configure the watchface in every part (Few of the options are only for PRO users). Some of

19 Sep 2014

A32 WatchFace for Moto 360

Custom watch face specialized for Moto 360 Features - Awesome designer’s watch face for you. - Stylish with high presence design face! Designed by professional designer. Installation No icon will be shown on your phone’s home or app list. Don’t worry about it. It will be installed on your watch automatically from your phone paired with your watch after a short time and please wait. After installation,you can choose the watch face from the setting menu.

11 Sep 2014